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Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

Let’s face it, HGTV has made all of us feel empowered to design- after all, on television the most horrific rooms can be turned into something magazine photo ready in less than an hour… so how difficult can design be?

Here’s the truth, great design takes time and considerable effort. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, buying a sofa, or designing a 10,000 square foot house, having an experienced interior designer leading your project will save you a lot- in so many ways!

Hiring a design firm like Bailey & Shamoun Interiors of Northville automatically gets you experience. Just as most of us wouldn’t attempt to build a car on our own, an experienced design professional should be part of your home remodel efforts. Experience matters in design- chances are a skilled designer can immediately assess your project and give plenty of ideas that will provide true transformation to your home- experience matters!

Experienced Interior Designers have access to ideas, lines, techniques and trades that would take you years to research and obtain. Bailey & Shamoun Interiors has extensive upholstery lines- eliminating your need to go store to store or online to find that perfect sofa. Bailey & Shamoun also has access to the paint selections, the wallpaper manufacturer, the rug distributor- in addition the all the carpenters, tile installers, electricians, plumbers and others needed for a full design project- access matters!

Have you ever tried to pick a paint color? It’s not the easiest thing to do! You may see beige, but an experienced designer will point out that subtle pink hue that will through your entire room off! Have you ever thought how a fabric will sit? Or how a shade will appear in the daytime versus night? All this and more matters!

Here’s a surprise for you- working with an experienced design firm like Bailey & Shamoun Interiors could actually save you money in the long run! Time, effort, sweat, tears- emotions run high as you try to create the perfect environment for your home. Stop in or call the experienced designers at Bailey & Shamoun Interiors to understand how they can help turn your home wishes into truly magnificent design. Bailey & Shamoun Interiors is at 191 CadyCentre in downtown Northville, Michigan.